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Welcome to OA Property Developers, where your vision meets our care and expertise!

The owner, Millicent Akuffo is a seasoned professional with a passion for transforming spaces, her journey began when she started investing in real estate with rental properties.  She encountered several challenges with subcontractors that ranged from poor quality workmanship, major price changes mid project, long delays and the ever so painful disappearance of subcontractors after delivering payments.


Dissatisfied with the norms of the construction business, Millicent decided to channel her nearly 2 decades of expertise in construction and organizational change into creating a solution. OA Property Developers was born in 2020, in response to her personal demand for trustworthy and high-quality construction services.

What sets us apart?

All our technicians are FBI background checked, drug tested, and trained in all our safety and construction processes.


OA Property Developers is your one stop shop for all your home design, maintenance, and renovation needs. We specialize in remodeling services for residential clients and excel in concrete maintenance for our commercial partners.


At OA Property Developers, we are partners in your vision.  Let us bring your ideas to life with a commitment to excellence, transparency, reliability, and a personalized touch.


Your satisfaction is at the core of everything we do, and we look forward to exceeding your expectations with each project!

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